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Recruitment / Retention  


We develop and implement strategies that effectively source the right people with the right skills set, behaviours and competencies and place them in the right positions.  Let HRHC utilize our years of experience in filling your recruitment needs: from sourcing, screening, assessing and validating candidates we can do it for you. 

We design organizational retention strategies that can reduce employee turnover by 10% or better.




Sourcing of exceptional candidates

We can find the people you need to do the job. Working with you to thoroughly understand your organization’s requirements for the position, we source qualified candidates. We know where to look and find the right people who will enable your organization to achieve its goals.    



Screening of potential candidates

We screen candidates by first conducting behavioural interviews. The uses of behavioural and general intelligence assessment tools are options you may want to choose.  Through the screening process, we ensure that critical criteria such as required skills and knowledge, behavioural tendencies, desired competencies and cultural fit are evaluated.  HRHC has developed effective screening processes that have saved organizations time and money while producing the desired recruitment results.             



Validating candidates credentials

Verification of credentials is an important step before hiring.  Confirmation of education and employment as well as general background checks will ensure your organization is offering that key position to the right person.  We also conduct criminal, social and career related background checks as well.



Orientation strategies

We develop and deliver orientation programs that engaged the workforce and that not only welcomes new employees but also provides them with the tools and contacts to effectively learn their position and promptly grow to their potential.



Retention strategies

Supervisors are the most influential people to directly affect your organization’s turnover rates. Other reasons explaining high turnover are: poor recruitment practices, insufficient policies, and strained relationships. We have years of experience to help you ensure you retain and hire the right people.  We will evaluate your current situation and develop retention strategies that will work for you as well as provide coaching for your management team.   



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