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Organizational Development & Training 

We deliver organizational development and training strategies by focusing on the company as a whole to achieve desired results.  Whether by department / group or by individual, we can implement effective organizational design changes that will improve productivity and increase employee engagement.  We facilitate business plan development by helping you set company goals and by determining the skills sets needed by your employees to achieve short and long-term goals.



Leadership development

Leadership is a necessary competency for all employees to achieve their full potential. We develop leadership strategies for all levels of the organization.  From individual executive development and coaching plans to company wide training initiatives, let HRHC assist you. We have successfully coached hundreds of managers and executives, helping them improve their work performance and achieve desired results.    



Company goals

The facilitation and development of company business plans and goals that meet shareholder expectations is one of our specialties.  Using effective processes we will align employee goals at all levels to your organization’s goals thereby achieving maximum results.



Company mission, vision & values

We work with your team to facilitate the development of company statements such as mission or purpose statements, vision and values statements, which properly reflect your organization’s culture.  We facilitate employee focus groups to verify statement accuracy.  Let us manage the process in the development of new statements or in the assessment of current statements for their applicability in today’s competitive world market place.



Employee assessments

We conduct assessments designed to identify the potential of your workforce and “goodness of fit” of individuals for your organization or for a specific job position.  HRHC has experience in behavioural and general intelligence assessments as well as talent / skills mapping that will reveal your workforce’s abilities to achieve your company goals.      



Organizational design & effectiveness

Company restructuring due to business conditions are significant events in any organization’s history. By understanding workloads, workflows and work processes we can help you re-structure your organization. Whatever the situation: upsizing, acquisitions, mergers, downsizing or closure we have over 20 years of restructuring experience to assist you. 


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