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Labour / Employee Relations

Positive and productive labour and employee relations help organizations achieve their goals by satisfying employee needs.  We have over 20 years of collective bargaining experience, and have negotiated over 40 collective agreements with various unions.

We have resolved hundreds of workplace issues promptly and respectfully in both unionized and non-unionized settings by understanding both employee and management perspectives, driving to achieve win-win results.





Collective bargaining strategies

Preparation for collective bargaining is the key to a successful settlement.  We will do the necessary research, looking at non-monetary & monetary market trends in your industry and geographic area. Working with your team, we develop proposals and strategies that are tied to your business plans, anticipate and prioritize union demands and fall back positions, as well as prepare strike / lockout plans.  We will also provide tactical and strategic advice to Provincially or Federally regulated employers on labour legislative matters.


Negotiations of agreements

The collective bargaining process can be a distraction to your organization’s limited resources. The bargaining process is not an every day event; managers may not have the necessary skills or time to conduct effective proactive interest based bargaining.  As chief spokesperson, we have successfully settled over 40 collective agreements with various unions.  All were within mandate and without work disruption and helped to preserve or enhance working relationships for both parties.  From negotiations of first agreements to closure agreements we have the experience to get a mutually agreed settlement.


Employee dispute resolutions

Effectively resolving employee disputes is one of our specialties.  Prompt resolution of employee grievances or concerns is in everyone’s best interest.  We have resolved hundreds of employee disputes by understanding both employee and management perspectives and driving to achieve a win-win result.


Administration of collective agreements

Collective agreement interpretations and arbitration jurisprudence are key factors in the day-to-day administration of collective agreements.  We have over 20 years of experience in interpreting and administrating over 40 collective agreements in the manufacturing, transportation and consumer goods industries. We can assist you with grievance disputes, arbitration preparation and collective agreement interpretation.



Team dispute resolutions

A dysfunctional employee team can be one of the biggest challenges that managers face.
A company needs to keep its whole organization on tract to achieve its goals.  We understand the relationship dynamics of teamwork and we have resolved hundreds of group issues.  We conduct behavioural assessments and facilitate coaching sessions for individuals and groups.  Let an experienced independent 3rd party, like HRHC effectively and proactively resolve team disputes before they get out of hand.    



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